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Rothko A6 notebook

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Rothko A6 notebook
Rothko A6 notebook
Rothko A6 notebook
Rothko A6 notebook
Rothko A6 notebook
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back of sheets (portrait spine right)
back of sheets (portrait spine top)
front (portrait spine left)
silkscreen print
front (portrait spine top)
silkscreen print
sheets (portrait spine left)
sheets (portrait spine top)
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50 pages
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  • Description

  • Features

  • Print information

  • Stock

  • Description

    Rothko spiral A6 notebook. Includes blank paper sheets of 80g/m2. Standard delivered with 50 sheets, also available with 100 sheets. Colourful and budget friendly notebook with a polypropylene cover.
  • Features

    Item number: 107261.012
    Brand: Desk-Mate®
    Minimum quantity: 500 Unit(s)
    Colour: Blue/White
    Material: paper
    Length: 14.80 cm.
    Width: 10.50 cm.
    Height: 0.50 cm.
    Weight: 71 g.
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  • Print information

    Print position Max. size in mm Print method Max. number of colours
    back of sheets (portrait spine right) 105 x 148 lithography 4
    back of sheets (portrait spine top) 105 x 148 lithography 4
    front (portrait spine left) 105 x 148 silkscreen print 4
    front (portrait spine top) 105 x 148 silkscreen print 4
    sheets (portrait spine left) 105 x 148 lithography 4
    sheets (portrait spine top) 105 x 148 lithography 4
  • Stock

    In stock Not in stock - delivery date known Not in stock - delivery date not known
     50 pages
    Rothko A6 notebookBlue/White10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookGreen/Silver10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookLime/White10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookOrange/White10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookPink/White10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookPurple/White10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookRed/Silver10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookYellow/White10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookFrosted blue/White10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookFrosted clear/White10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookFrosted green/White10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookblue/black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookGreen/black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookLime/Solid black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookOrange/Black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookPink/Solid black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookPurple/Solid black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookred/black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookYellow/black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookFrosted blue/Solid black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookFrosted clear,/black10,000 pieces
    Rothko A6 notebookFrosted green/black10,000 pieces
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