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Looking for a printed sports bag? IGO-POST is the place to buy sports bags. IGO-POST has a large selection of sports bags. You can buy sports bags in various models, sizes and colours. You can buy sports bags with a corporate look, a trendy look and of course in a sporty design. Check the many possibilities and select the sports bag that matches your target group.


Hip, trendy, retro, big or small. We have a sports bag for everyone! Be inspired by our large collection of sports bags.

Buying a sports bag for sports enthusiasts
Sports bags are practical items for people who use them regularly – often several times a week. People who practise sports almost always buy a sports bag to carry and store their sports clothes, towels and sports shoes. However, there are also sports clubs and sports associations that buy sports bags to give their members. Buying sports bags and printing a logo on them is the optimal way to promote their club or association.

Buying a sports bag for sponsoring
Sports bags are ideal promotional items to have printed with a name, logo or message. A sports bag has plenty of good spots to print the logo on so it is visible and seen by many. Often companies or government agencies are approached for buying sports bags for associations and clubs. The name or logo of the sponsor can be printed so it catches the eye. By supporting sports clubs and associations, companies can promote their name via many members. Buying a sports bag is also recommended for promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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