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Sustainability and technology are transforming the market of promotional products.

Following these new trends is the key to success and we want you to be successful! That’s why our February Deals include a great selection of eco-friendly branded items and our Product of the Month is a wireless gadget for daily, indispensable use that your customers, partners and employees will love.

You’ll also find some of the best promotions to survive these last months of cold in our Winter outlet selection. Be sure to check them out! 
Discounts go up to 15% - but hurry up: promotions are only available until February 28th!

Save 15%
Wireless Fast Charger 10W 

Wireless technology is taking over. The number of phones compatible with wireless charging is increasing generation after generation. The ease of charging your devices by just placing them on the pad without the need of cables is priceless.

Our February promotional Product of the Month will charge any compatible device at lightning speed! Want to make a great impression on your customers, suppliers, partners and employees? This is your chance!

Go green!

Sustainability is re-shaping the way companies are operating as a whole, including marketing campaigns. Eco-friendly promotional products, made of recycled materials such as carboard or PET, not only contribute to reduce the amount of plastic waste, but also help improving your brand's perception.

Take a look to our selection below, and benefit from discounts up to 15%!

  • Recycle Shopper bag

    Recycle Shopper bag

    • From: 300 pieces
    • Save up to 23%
    • Material: synthetic material
    From£1.09 per unit
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  • Recycle Note-L notebook

    Recycle Note-L notebook

    • From: 50 pieces
    • Save up to 57%
    • Material: paper
    From£0.76 per unit
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Winter outlet

We’re still a few months away from Spring, which means that the cold season is far from over. Check out our assortment of Winter promotional products and find the perfect item to give to your partners, suppliers, customers or employees.

Help them get through the latest weeks of Winter and renew their trust in you for a few more seasons (at least)!

  • HeatPad warm pad

    HeatPad warm pad

    • From: 100 pieces
    • Save up to 52%
    • Material: synthetic material
    From£0.44 per unit
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  • Icing ice scraper

    Icing ice scraper

    • From: 250 pieces
    • Save up to 61%
    • Material: synthetic material
    From£0.13 per unit
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