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Print 2, 4, 8 or 16 GB USB sticks for a small price. Check out our cheapest USB sticks below:

  • USB Easy from stockBrand logo

    USB Easy from stock

    From£2.10 per unit
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  • USB Talent from stockBrand logo

    USB Talent from stock

    From£2.33 per unit
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  • USB Key from stock

    USB Key from stock

    From£2.34 per unit
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  • CredCard USB from stockBrand logo

    CredCard USB from stock

    From£2.15 per unit
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  • USB Luminous blue LED-light

    USB Luminous blue LED-light

    From£3.05 per unit
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  • USB MiniMetal

    USB MiniMetal

    From£2.44 per unit
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  • USB TwistReverse

    USB TwistReverse

    From£1.89 per unit
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  • USB Wristband

    USB Wristband

    From£2.02 per unit
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  • USB Talent

    USB Talent

    From£1.90 per unit
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Buying a USB stick; the most normal thing in the world
Just a few years ago people were still using paper files and floppy disks, but nowadays large quantities of information, text and images are saved on USB sticks. It is impossible to imagine the business and private sectors without USB sticks. Everyone buys USB sticks. A USB stick is inexpensive, compact and suitable for sharing and transferring information. That’s why it is an ideal purchase for business people as well as for students.

Buying a USB stick as a promotional item
Purchasing USB sticks at IGO Promo and using them as corporate gifts for promotional purposes is an excellent choice. For the exact reason that everyone uses USB sticks, it is a smart move to purchase USB sticks and have them printed with your name, logo or brand. Have USB sticks printed and distribute them among your target group. Compared to advertising in papers or on TV, purchasing USB sticks is inexpensive and much more effective. The receiver will be happy receiving such a useful gift such as a USB stick and this has a positive effect on your brand recognition.

Purchasing USB sticks at IGO-POST is an excellent choice

IGO-POST has an immense collection of inexpensive USB sticks. You can purchase USB sticks with various storage capacities. Furthermore, IGO-POST offers you the possibility of making your promotion even more unique. If you are going to purchase USB sticks, then we can have your USB sticks printed but you can also choose a data upload or your logo as computer drive. We can also upload the desired data for you on a USB stick with an autorun function. This means that your file will be opened automatically when plugging in the USB stick. All the more reason to purchase inexpensive USB sticks.

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