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Printed coffee mugs to express your corporate identity

We can also print coffee mugs to be used by your guests and your personnel. It’s nice to offer guests and personnel coffee in a nicely printed coffee mug. You can have coffee mugs printed with your logo or brand, but also with an eye-catching slogan or original catchphrase. Printing on coffee mugs can be done in one or several colours. Printing your logo on coffee mugs can be a nice supplement to expressing your corporate identity.

Printing coffee mugs and giving them away as corporate gifts

At IGO Promo you will find various coffee mugs in representative gift-wrapping; ready-to-use corporate gifts. We can also print on coffee mugs that you can give away as a corporate gift. For instance, you can fill the coffee mug with chocolates, printed pens or a small soft toy. Discover the possibilities yourself! Nicely wrap the entire gift and you will have a lovely corporate gift. If we print on the coffee mugs, then the receiver will often think back of you in a positive way.

At IGO Promo you will find a wide variety of high-quality coffee mugs. If you want to print on the coffee mugs, IGO Promo guarantees a perfect and professional print.

  • CoffeeCup mug

    CoffeeCup mug

    From£0.82 per unit
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  • Full Colour Mug Imagine

    Full Colour Mug Imagine

    From£3.62 per unit
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  • Sienna cup & saucer

    Sienna cup & saucer

    From£1.99 per unit
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  • MyCup mug

    MyCup mug

    From£1.25 per unit
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  • Plaza mug

    Plaza mug

    From£0.94 per unit
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