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Printing pedometers does not only benefit hikers. People in general are interested in exercising daily and in being aware of their energy balance and use. If you have pedometers printed for your employees, customers or business contacts, then you will be making them aware of their daily physical activities. Looking for a functional, original and sought-after corporate gift or promotional item? Have pedometers printed for your customers and have your name on the move every day. You can order pedometers with logo quickly and easily online.

  • RoundBracy


    From£16.16 per unit
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  • Watch-Your-Steps Step counter

    Watch-Your-Steps Step counter

    From£2.48 per unit
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  • Joggy pedometer

    Joggy pedometer

    From£2.28 per unit
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  • Steps pedometer

    Steps pedometer

    From£1.05 per unit
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In addition to pedometers, we also print other products for those on foot.

When walking, it is important to be visible to others in traffic. Certainly in less favourable weather conditions and when it is dark – being seen is essential. In addition to printed pedometers, you can also make pedestrians happy with safety products, such as lamps, safety vests or fluorescent products. If you are having pedometers imprinted, then combine it with a promotional flashing lights or a fluorescent key chain with logo.

Printed pedometers combined with sport products

Printed pedometers are perfect for combining with sport products. You will find our diversified collection of sport products online. If you are having sport shirts printed, then it is certainly worth considering having pedometers printed too. An ideal combination that definitely gets your name in the picture. With an imprint on pedometers and your name on the T-shirt, you can promote yourself in many sport events, marathons and marches. Not only the wearer sees your promotion, but also the public pays attention to your message.

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