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Package delivery via drones, self-driving cars, cryptocurrency, family robots or continuous health monitoring. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, CEO or secretary, you may have seen trends like these come and go. We live in a dynamic world that is subject to massive change. Do you already have an idea how any of these developments will impact your business? Probably not.

RFID items

Almost every day we receive word from data hacks, cyber-attacks or massive frauds.  Protecting your personal data has never been more important. RFID skimming is one of those techniques being used to steal your bank account by duplicating or reading your credit card. Protect yourself with the right tools, such as an anti-skimming credit card holder.

COB LED lighting

Ready for the next evolution in LED lighting? COB (Chips on Board) is a technology in which many small LED lights are positioned in a circle, so very close together that you may not distinguish them. This results in a huge beam of light, comparable to a traditional halogen spot. And because COB produces 25% less heat, it’s much more efficient than a normal LED light.

Device chargers

Today's society is about staying connected, everywhere, all the time. Connectivity places high demands on wearable power supplies. Think of navigating to a potential new client directly after a long video call. Such usage can really drain your mobile phone. Having a powerbank at hand or being able to quickly charge your mobile device can be a lifesaver in such a case.

Activity trackers

Healthy people are productive people. Get your employees back on track. Monitoring your own health has never been easier. Track your heart rate and all-day activity like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. Your personal will love these health trackers, turning them in to happy and healthy brand ambassadors who will activate your brand.


Did you know a water bottle is still one of the most successful items for promoting your brand? Sounds logical if you think about it, drinking is a primal need for every human. Does that make drinking a trend? No, but drinking water instead of other liquids certainly is! People start to become more and more aware on sugar reduction and fall back to water as the main liquid to drink. So start watering your relations and grow your brand.

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