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Promotional T-shirts can be used in various ways to promote your name, company, activity, brand or logo. IGO Promo sells inexpensive and printable T-shirts online, which you can subsequently use during group activities, events and company outings. In our web shop, you will find inexpensive T-shirts online in various shapes and sizes. The inexpensive T-shirts are made from high-quality material. A smart way of promoting: ordering inexpensive T-shirts online for your promotion on the go.

Buying printed T-shirts online

When buying T-shirts online you can immediately indicate where you want to place the print on the T-shirts. There are plenty of printing possibilities. With your online order of T-shirts you can indicate if you want the print to be placed on the sleeve, on the front, on the back or on the breast of the T-shirt. Your promotion is clearly visible when you choose the maximum print size. And that’s what you want!

With one click an online preview of printed T-shirts

Before ordering T-shirts online, you can look at a preview of the T-shirt of your choice with your print. Go to the web shop and click on the LogoView tool. Upload your logo and then click on the T-shirt of your choice. You will then see a picture of the T-shirt with your logo. This provides you with an excellent online impression of your printed T-shirts. This also applies for all other gifts in our collection.

Purchasing T-shirts online is fast and easy

Follow the steps in the ordering process and you will have ordered inexpensive T-shirts online in a matter of minutes. Easy, fast and secure! Do you feel uncomfortable purchasing inexpensive T-shirts online, you can always contact our experienced sales assistants. If you prefer, you can also send your order by email to instead of purchasing T-shirts online. We will quickly process your order.

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