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Matches are indispensable and can be found in nearly every hotel, home and company. In addition to lighters, matches with a logo are popular giveaways at fairs as well as at the reception desks of companies. Furthermore, they are easily passed on from one person to another. A box of matches is a useful giveaway and always comes in handy; that is why everyone likes taking them.

Print matches the way you want

At IGO-POST, you can purchase matches. The matches are available in various sizes and are delivered in various types of match boxes. You can choose long matches in a box or match books. If you want, we can print the entire beautiful high-gloss match box in full colour. You can also send us your own unique design. This way, your logo, company name, message or product will be regularly seen for a long period of time. The more matches in a box, the more contact moments you create.

Ordering matches online: safe and fast

Do you want to get an impression of our match boxes with your logo? With our LogoView tool you get an instant preview of the matches with your print. Check out our collection of matches and order online safely, easily and fast.

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