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Training and career opportunities

Working for IGO, an international organisation that is evolving rapidly. What does this mean for the personal development of our employees?

We think it is important to invest in our employees. IGO puts a lot of energy in developing the qualities of our employees further and deepening and broadening their opportunities. We offer room to our employees in order for them to develop their own ideas, to increase their performance, to acquire new experiences and to further improve themselves. IGO aims at bringing out the best in its employees!

Employee retention starts with the introduction of a new employee. Everyone who starts working for IGO will begin with a thorough training programme. We have an international introduction programme for all of our new employees. Introduction at IGO comprises more than exchanging names and ‘take that seat and watch what I do’. All our new employees are introduced to the most important characteristics of our organisation, our corporate culture and especially to the departments, processes and people with whom they will be closely cooperating. Our new colleagues of the international sales offices will be personally invited to our headquarters in Helmond. For several days they will participate in a custom-made introduction programme. IGO will ensure that new employees will feel welcome to make a fresh start.

We take employee development highly seriously. This means that we attach great value to entrepreneurship. That is why we encourage everyone to take responsibility for their personal development process. By offering suitable training programmes to facilitate this, we create new opportunities together. We support several training programmes. This includes custom-made trainee programmes, an international sales academy, an in-house training programme for all-round printers and vocational trainings. Training and coaching sessions (on the job) are the order of the day, both at group and individual level. Engaging and inspiring our employees occupies centre stage in our organisation and we are proud of the programmes we have developed to facilitate this. We will make sure to challenge you!

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