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Personalised Full colour items

Let you full colour logo do the talking! Print promotional gifts with a full colour image for a bright and colourful promotion that really stands out. All items on this page can be printed in full colour.
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Promotional items with a full-colour print within reach

Demand for corporate gifts with a full colour print is gaining momentum. Understandable. A full-colour print is eye-catching and immediately grabs your attention. Choose your favourite photo, your own design or a full-colour logo and we will print it on the items in high resolution. A full-colour print only costs slightly more than a single-colour print and requires only one-time set-up costs. The attractive price and application of new techniques makes promoting with full-colour prints accessible for everyone.

Promotional items with a full-colour print: the sky is the limit

When you opt for corporate gifts with a full-colour print, you truly add a splash of colour to your promotion. Photos leave nothing to the imagination and with an original design you can address your target group directly. The possibilities are endless. Do you want a shopping bag with a floral print or a writing case with reptile print? The sky is the limit! Select full-colour printable items from our collection and really stand out at fairs and events.

Enhance the power of promotional items with a full-colour print

A full-colour print can give a promotional item or corporate gift an entirely different look. The message comes alive and becomes visually even more attractive. Colours enhance the power of the gift and the promotion. With a full-colour print a sober item is transformed into an exclusive gift, giving the gift even more value. This, in turn, makes the moment of giving an even more positive and emotional experience

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