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Personalised Car and bike

We are on the road every day. We generally travel around our towns and cities by car or by bike. Printed accessories for cars and bicycles are therefore practical gifts that are commonly used. Browse through our collection that includes bike bells (that can be branded with your logo) to inexpensive thermos mugs that are indispensable for your travels.
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  • IceGlove ice scraperBest Seller

    IceGlove ice scraper

    From£1.05 per unit
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  • TransCup thermo cup

    TransCup thermo cup

    From£2.80 per unit
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  • SteelMug drink mugBest Price

    SteelMug drink mug

    From£3.00 per unit
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  • SportDrink 500 ml bottleBest PriceBrand logo

    SportDrink 500 ml bottle

    From£0.89 per unit
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  • Sprinkle raincoat

    Sprinkle raincoat

    From£0.72 per unit
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  • Ontario ice scraper

    Ontario ice scraper

    From£0.35 per unit
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  • Pursey purse/key ring

    Pursey purse/key ring

    From£0.32 per unit
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  • ThermoDrink thermo cup

    ThermoDrink thermo cup

    From£1.65 per unit
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  • IsoCup thermo mug

    IsoCup thermo mug

    From£2.25 per unit
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  • Car document wallet

    Car document wallet

    From£0.98 per unit
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  • IsoMug mug

    IsoMug mug

    From£3.60 per unit
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  • ThermotopMaxi thermo flask

    ThermotopMaxi thermo flask

    From£6.10 per unit
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Car/bike accessories with a logo for your promotion on the go

We are always on the move. Also your customers constantly need to get from one destination to another and they do this by car, bike or public transport. Cars and bikes in particular are easy to link to promotional items. After all, with car accessories with a logo or bike accessories with a logo message you will be seen by your customer on a daily basis. IGO prints original and useful car/bike accessories with a logo at competitive prices.

Car/bike accessories with a logo go hand in hand with safety

Safety is our first priority when we are on the road. Among our car accessories you will find the safety hammer. A car accessory with a logo which your customers will always put in their car. Among our bike accessories you will find various bike lights, so that your customer and your logo are clearly visible. Of course, we also have safety vests or highly visible and reflective umbrellas. Both car and bike accessories can be printed with your logo. Give your customer car accessories with a logo or bike accessories with a logo that promote safety and your customers can be safely on their way.

Using car/bike accessories with a logo for trips by car or by bike

Some car and bike accessories with a logo can be used for various occasions. A picnic basket or a practical backpack with picnic accessories is perfect when taking a break during either a car or bike trip. Food and drinks are kept cool in one of our many cooler bags. In addition to car accessories with a logo or bike accessories with a logo, IGO offers over 1,200 ideas for gifts. The perfect corporate gift for every target group and for every occasion.

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