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Newest promotional product arrivals

Throughout our 75 years of experience in this industry, we've gotten really good at spotting product-trends. Remember fidget spinners and pop sockets? Those are products that took the world by storm, and the companies that were early to use them for branding benefited greatly. We regularly spot trends in the market and add them here for you to gather inspiration for your next promotional product campaign. Remember, great products and gifts with a printed logo helps spread awareness and brand loyalty for your company.
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How to truly stand out from competitors

We always make a point in saying that using promotional products is one of the best ways to boost your marketing efforts, for example, through sales campaigns where every customer who orders with you receive a small gift in exchange. Other uses include gifting products to employees and business partners to help develop and sustain company-loyalty. All of this is true, but you know what's even better? Being first with new and exciting products. That's the kind of promotions that will make it a lot easier to stand out from competitors and be viewed in a positive light by recipients.

Trendsetters are remembered

Building on the thoughts about standing out, you have to view your company as a brand that people can interact with and relate to. Actions taken by people inside your company, in other words, campaign initiatives carried out by marketing, is something that will be remembered by participants – that's the goal at least. Repetition in spreading your message is key to success here, and using the latest trends in the world of promotional products is the easiest way to be remembered for something good – be a trendsetter in your industry. The leader that other businesses follow.

The good story

Part of branding your company is telling good stories. And the only thing better than that is when your employees and customers tell good stories about you to others. You can make that happen with unique and creative promotional gifts. Imagine being the first company to give away fidget spinners to customers visiting your stand at a fair, or as a fun little gift whenever a customer makes a purchase on your webshop. They could show this product to their friends and colleagues, and tell the story of the company they got it from. Silly as it may sound, we already know this works because it already happened. As soon as someone bought fidget spinners and gave them away, everyone started buying them, and the rest is history.

What does it say about your company?

Think about how the gifts you give away reflects on your brand. A less than stellar gift will fade into nothing, whereas great new gifts will reflect positively on the giver. In other words, you and your company's brand. The simple way to look at is like this: if you gain a reputation for always finding creative, innovative product solutions for your campaigns or corporate gifts, then you'll be remembered as innovative and creative by your recipients. The real trick is of course to come up with creative and innovative proposals. The good news is that we can help you do that by offering free counseling. Draw on our 75 years of experience in this industry to create a wonderful promotion using one of our new arrivals.

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