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Personalised T Shirts

A printed T-shirt is a very popular promotional item. T-shirts with a print are widely used for various promotional activities, including exhibitions, festivals and open days. The print areas offer extreme brand recognition. You will find T-shirts easily within your budget; our vast collection includes many colours and brands – available in men’s, ladies and children’s styles and sizes. Choose a promotional T-shirt for your next campaign!
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Cheap T-shirt printing with your name or logo for a lively promotion

If you want to use T-shirts for your promotion, IGO-POST can print them for you. We have lots of good quality T-shirts at low prices. IGO-POST prints cheap T-shirts using the latest technology. The quality of the T-shirts and the quality of the printing is first and foremost. Of course there’s also a huge selection to choose from. Promotional T-shirts from IGO-POST are both cheap and good quality.

Setting up a promotion? Why not T-shirt printing!

Printed T-shirts can be used for all sorts of activities. These include group activities such as sports days, school trips, events and company outings. Do you want cheap T-shirt printing for your employees? IGO-POST has a full range of colours and different brands of T-shirts. If you want your personnel to look more presentable, why not let us print or embroider your sports T-shirts? We can also print warm sweaters for the colder months of the year.

Use cheap, promotional T-shirts now for an affordable promotion

Promotional T-shirts can also be used for sponsoring. There are countless ways of making your promotion eye-catching. T-shirts can be printed on the front or the back – or on both sides. It’s also possible to print on the sleeves of the T-shirts. As well as cheap promotional T-shirts, we can also print body warmers and jackets. Your promotion is always on the move with printed clothing. Cheap promotional T-shirts and effective promotion!

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