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Personalised Rulers

Are you looking for a measurable promotion at a budget price...then look no further than a printed ruler. Wanting to give your brand instant recognition, then a ruler has a great print area, meaning your logo will really stand out! Choose a winning campaign and opt for printed rulers. View our collection below.
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  • Liner ruler

    Liner ruler

    • From: 150 pieces
    • Save up to 37%
    • Material: plastic
    From£0.19 per unit
  • WoodRuler


    • From: 100 pieces
    • Save up to 38%
    • Material: wood
    From£0.37 per unit
  • LiniBox colouring pencils

    LiniBox colouring pencils

    • From: 48 pieces
    • Save up to 42%
    • Material: wood
    From£1.04 per unit
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