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Personalised Tape Measures

Are you looking for a gift to put your brand in the spotlight? Opt for a practical tape measure branded with your logo...the success of your promotion is guaranteed. Perhaps a printed tape measure works well within your industry and target group?
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  • Universal 5 metre

    Universal 5 metre

    • From: 30 pieces
    • Save up to 50%
    • Material: synthetic material
    From£2.11 per unit
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  • Rotary 3 metre Tape Measure

    Rotary 3 metre Tape Measure

    • From: 24 pieces
    • Save up to 53%
    • Material: synthetic material
    From£1.41 per unit
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  • Rotary 5 metre Tape Measure

    Rotary 5 metre Tape Measure

    • From: 24 pieces
    • Save up to 52%
    • Material: synthetic material
    From£2.05 per unit
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  • Universal 3 metre

    Universal 3 metre

    • From: 36 pieces
    • Save up to 44%
    • Material: synthetic material
    From£1.61 per unit
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  • Troika Accurate 5 metre

    Troika Accurate 5 metre

    • From: 1 pieces
    • Save up to 16%
    • Material: stainless steel
    From£6.64 per unit
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Excellent Based on 279 reviews

Want tools as promotional items? Order personalised tape measures

Branded tape measures are ideal items to use for your promotion. Promotional tools can vary from a cheap joiner’s pencil, through to tools from known brands. What are the most suitable promotional items in this category? Naturally this depends on the target group and the occasion. Therefore a personalised tape measure would be a nice giveaway at fairs and exhibitions. However, if you really want to express your appreciation to your best customers, you should perhaps also consider Victorinox personalised pen knives with your logo.

Order personalised tape measures and make a really cool statement

If you’re giving a tool as a gift, then the recipient is probably male. Although giving an engraved personalised tape measure as a corporate gift will be enthusiastically received by both men and women. Because branded tape measures are items that can be used by everybody. Whether it involves measuring curtains, or putting up a book shelf, a promotional tape measure will make the job easier. Promotional tape measures emerge as very popular corporate gifts and are gratefully received by everybody.

Order personalised tape measures for a made-to-measure promotional gift

You’ll find a whole range of promotional tape measures for overprinting in our collection. The branded tape measures have a hardened steel measuring strip with automatic stop, features that contribute to accuracy. Promotional tape measures are not only used in the building trade, but they’re also an essential tool in every home. That makes promotional tape measures a highly appreciated promotional tool.

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