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Personalised Kitchen Products

The kitchen is a great place to bring your company to the attention of your (potential) customers. With our wide range of printed kitchen accessories you will always find the right gift for your promotion.
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Kitchenware with print? A wonderful promotion

Television cooking programmes are very popular. Cooking healthy, conjuring up dishes with spices and colours, a meal in a jiffy! You have everyone’s attention! These programmes entice people to prepare culinary delights in their own kitchens for their family and friends, so good kitchenware is a must. IGO-POST can print your logo or company name on various types of kitchenware. Useful kitchenware with logo is the perfect corporate gift which will be visible for many years in your customer’s kitchen.

Welcome to the kitchen: printed kitchen aprons and printed kitchenware

Thanks to the interest in cooking, the interest in kitchenware is also on the rise. That’s why IGO-POST continues to expand its kitchenware on a regular basis. In our collection you will find printable kitchen aprons, functional bread bins with full-colour prints, as well as a series of luxury knives from Diamant Sabatier. These high-quality knives are beautifully designed and perfectly finished. A jewel in the kitchen of your customer. Your name or logo is engraved into the blades of the knives and/or into the matching knife block. This will keep your company in the spotlight for years.

Kitchen aprons printed with logo, an excellent corporate gift

Emphasise your brand with striking printed kitchenware. If you have kitchen aprons printed, you have a nice corporate gift for an attractive price. In addition to our printed aprons and kitchenware, you can also choose from the many mugs/cups and thermo flasks/thermo cups. These durable and useful items also guarantee years of promotion. Check out our collection, make your choice and order easily and quickly online.

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