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Personalised Balloons

Get the party started and have your balloons printed at IGO Promo. Order them for your own event or give them away as a promotional product, anything is possible! We can print balloons with a photo, text or logo. This way you can make sure your personalised balloons stand out even more! Choose from a range of small and large balloons, printed over a large area and in different colours. Discover how IGO Promo can help you organise your party and order your favourite balloons easily online!
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Get the party started

Whenever you see balloons in a room, it's usually not just an event...it's a party! A balloon in itself suggests a party and therefore creates a positive vibe. And, as an organisation, you can play your part. How? By having the balloons printed with a photo, text or logo! Use them as giveaways or hang them up at an event. Whatever the purpose of the balloons, they are sure to stand out! If you like, we can have your festive balloons either printed in different colours or in one specific colour. Discover all the options!

In all colours

Every party needs colour, which is why your personalised balloons can be printed in different colours. Think orange, white, red, baby blue, pink, magenta, violet, and the list goes on. But remember: please tell us the colour(s) you want when ordering the balloons. We deliver them in assorted colours as standard. But you can also choose a specific colour range that fits in well with your company, logo or event.

Cheap balloons, high quality

At IGO Promo, we think it's important to always deliver good quality, and that goes for printed balloons as well. We deliver cheap balloons of excellent quality with a beautiful print. What's more, they can be filled with helium gas. Would you like to see the balloons with a photo, logo or other imprint first? Feel free to ask us for a sample. We believe it's important that you are satisfied. So it's no surprise that we already have more than 500,000 satisfied customers.

Ordering is easy

Have you chosen the balloons you want for your party or as a promotional product? Then ordering is very easy. Click on the product you want and see all the options on the right of the screen. You can select the colour, print location(s), the order quantity and the required delivery date. For printed balloons, please bear in mind that there is a minimum lead time after approval of the digital proof. We'll send you the digital proof within 24 hours after you send us the print in the correct format. Your party will be ready to kick off in no time, with the perfect decorations! And if you want to reorder the branded balloons for your next event? That's no problem and even quicker if you have your personal account. It's IGO Promo's way of making your life easy! Do you want personalised balloons and do you need help ordering? Our customers rely on our excellent personal service and we're always available to help you. Contact us by phone, email or online chat and let's find the best solution together.

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