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Branded USB Sticks | Personalised Memory Sticks

Order your branded USB sticks at IGO Promo! Preload your latest catalogues, brochures and corporate videos; and share them with your customers, partners and suppliers at trade fairs, open days and events.
✔️ Do you need small quantities? Order now your printed USB sticks from 50 units
✔️ Do you prefer big amounts? Benefit from great discounts on higher staggers
✔️ Multiple storage options: from 512 MB up to 32 GB
Check out our assortment below and use the filters to sort out your preferences. Select your choice, print your logo and stand out! ✌️

  • USB Stick Twist from stockBEST CHOICE

    USB Stick Twist from stock

    Delivered latest 26 August
    • From 50 pcs.
    • Save up to 53%
    • Material: metal
    From£1.62 per unit
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  • CredCard USB from stockFAST DELIVERY

    CredCard USB from stock

    Delivered latest 26 August
    • From 50 pcs.
    • Save up to 52%
    • Material: plastic
    From£1.85 per unit
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  • USB RecycleECO

    USB Recycle

    Delivered latest 26 August
    • From 100 pcs.
    • Material: plastic
    From£0.00 per unit
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  • USB data protector

    USB data protector

    • From: 5 pieces
    • Save up to 40%
    • Material: ABS
    From£1.56 per unit
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No products found with this filtering.
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Branded USB Sticks · Give them away at fairs and events

Printed USB sticks are great promotional gadgets for sharing documents with customers, partners and suppliers, especially when attending to exhibitions and events. It is very likely than you won’t have time to sit-down with all your visitors. No worries - that is when promotional flash drives come into play! Upload your latest catalogues, brochures and corporate movies to your printed USB sticks and give them as a gift to your current and potentially new business associates!

They might throw away a printed catalogue, but they surely will not throw away a USB stick that can use afterwards. Best case scenario: they will check all the documents you uploaded. But even if they don’t, they will still carry around a branded storage unit printed with your logo!

Personalised USB Sticks · Endless customisation possibilities

Ordering your promotional USB sticks at IGO will open you a world of endless customisation possibilities. We have more than 50 models of branded flash drives with different shapes, storages, building materials, colours, etc. Are you worried about losing your pen drive? Then credit card flash drives are the solution for you – they are so slim that even fit in your wallet! From luxury USB sticks made of leather to traditional flash drives and custom-made units: the choice is yours!

At IGO Promo you will also find sustainable alternatives, like USB sticks made of recycled materials. Use them to share your digital catalogues among your clients and you will not only save paper and trees: you will also reduce plastic waste!

Branded Flash Drives · Print your logo and stand out

The main goal of promotional products is raising awareness about your brand. Therefore, you need your logo to stand out. At IGO Promo, we use the best printing techniques to ensure that your brand really stands out. Choose the USB sticks that adapt better to your needs and we will offer you the best technique for your items: screen printing, photo printing, laser engraving or embossing (for the premium leather flash drives).

Branded flash drives are meant to be used over and over – your customers, partners o suppliers won´t throw them away after the first use, so you need your logo prints to last as much as possible. Ordering your promotional products at IGO Promo will guarantee you the best printing quality, and therefore: a long-lasting impression!

Printed USB Sticks · Multiple choices for small budgets

Do you want to promote your brand with printed USB sticks, but you have a small budget? No problem! You can order your flash drives with logo from as low as 50 units! You can also choose only one colour print for your logo: the printing quality will be the same - but for a much more affordable price! On top of this, IGO Promo offers very competitive prices on our full assortment of high-quality memory sticks. What are you waiting for?

Check out our selection of promotional items and use the filters to select your preferences in terms of colours, storage (from 512 MB to 32 GB), materials, customer review scores (we really appreciate your feedback!) and, of course, price range and minimum order quantity.

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