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  • I forgot my password, what do I do?
    Go to the login page of My IGO and click on ‘forgot password’. We will then send you an e-mail requesting you to set a new password.
  • Can I personalize your items?
    At IGO we offer the possibility to personalize a lot of our items. How does it work and what are the options? Contact us to know more!
  • I want an item with a nice print, but I don't have my own design. Can you help me?
    Within our collection we offer a selection of items that we can provide with a sharp full color print. You want this, but cannot submit a design yourself? No problem. We offer a number of standard full color prints that you can choose from. Contact us to know more!
  • I want to have my gift wrapped. How do I do that?
    Beautifully wrapped gifts are added value for the recipient. In addition, it is much more fun to give a nicely wrapped gift. We are happy to take the work off your hands. We can deliver all items from our collection wrapped in gift wrapping paper for you. Contact us to know more!
  • Can I contact you by phone?
    Of course you can contact us by phone. We are available during office hours on 0800 43 46 98 9.
  • What is the minimum order quantity?
    IGO offers its customers low minimum order quantities. The minimum order quantity varies per item. You can view the minimum order quantity on the product detail page, under characteristics and in the price table. If you have any questions, please call 0800 43 46 98 9.
  • Can I order a sample?
    Before purchasing a product you have the possibility to request a sample which will be delivered within a few business days. All sample orders are invoiced, but will be credited fully upon purchase of a complete order. Samples cannot be returned. Read more about ordering a model here.
  • How do I order a catalogue?
    IGO publishes a main catalogue once a year. During the year, IGO inspires its customers with small brochures. You can order the catalogue here.
  • What is the delivery time?
    IGO works according to standard production times of 4 business days. Read more about delivery times here.
  • How do I request a quote?
    On the product detail page, you can calculate the overall price. Naturally, it is also possible to receive a quote if preferred. Read more about receiving a quote here.
  • How do I place an order?
    IGO offers you the options of placing your order via the website, by e-mail or by phone. Read more about placing an order here.
  • Do I receive a printer’s proof beforehand?
    As soon as we receive your request, we carry out a printer’s proof for you, free of charge. Read more about the free printer’s proof here.
  • If I have a complaint, whom do I contact?
    Your order is handled with the utmost care. Nevertheless, should you be dissatisfied with the end result, please contact us via sales@igopromo.co.uk or 0800 43 46 98 9. We will find a suitable solution together with you. If you are not satisfied, then we are not satisfied! That is why we do our very best to ensure that everything is according to your wishes. For more information read our General Terms and Conditions.
  • What are the shipping costs?
    This text is being updated.
  • How must I deliver my logo?
    For orders with an imprint of your logo, text or image, we prefer that you send us a digital file saved in an illustrator.eps or an illustrator.ai format. If this is not possible, we will of course find a suitable solution together. Read more about delivering your logo here.
  • Which printing methods do you offer?
    We print the corporate gifts and promotional items in our own print shop. Our print shop has more than 80 modern printing machines. These printing machines are professionally operated by our employees. Each type of material requires a different printing method. Curious about our printing methods?
  • What are PMS colours?
    Colours are very important in all printing, including printing logos, texts and images on corporate gifts and promotional items. However, it is very difficult to describe a colour. That is why there is a system that provides an overview of the most common colours. We call these colours PMS colours. Read more about PMS colours here.
  • How do the product numbers work?
    The use of product numbers can raise questions as well. Things that are obvious for IGO employees are not necessarily obvious to customers. In general, IGO uses 6-digit product numbers, divided into a 4-digit product number and a 2-digit colour code. However, 8-digit product numbers exist as well. Here you will find a concise explanation about the product numbers that we use.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

0800 43 46 98 9
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 (Fri 8:00-16:00)

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