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Personalised Cooler Bags

Our range of cooler bags is expanding continuously. Whether you’re looking for a lunch bag or picnic bag; for every purpose and for every budget there is a suitable cooler bag. Our range includes a collection of colours, sizes and styles. Let your brand be seen during day trips, holidays and lunch breaks.
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Have promotional cooler bags printed as business gifts

You will find here a large range of branded cooler bags. Branded cooler bags are mainly used when going on outings, or holidays and so they often evoke a very positive feeling. We can print all types and sizes of promotional cooler bags with your logo. The range of printed cooler bags varies enormously from spacious branded cooler bags that your customer can use when buying deepfreeze products, through to bags designed for holding lunch, or keeping 1½ litre bottles cool. Let us print your promotional cooler bags so that you name is promoted in both summer and winter. 

Have promotional cooler bags printed for eye-catching promotions

Printed cooler bags are essential when making trips on warm summer days. Food and drinks remain lovely and cool thanks to the high quality insulation material. Most of our branded cooler bags are available in a range of colours – from sunny yellow, to striking red and cool blue.  When having promotional cooler bags  printed with your logo, it’s important that the colour of the logo goes with the colour of the branded cooler bag.   Would you like to see what your printed cooler bags will look like? Simply use our handy LogoView tool to find out. Just upload your logo and you’ll immediately get a preview of your printed cooler bags.

Promotional cooler bags for a great picnic

Would you also like to see picnic accessories with logos? Apart from the standard cooler bags we also have backpacks with a separate cooling compartment and picnic accessories. This way you can give your customer a complete promotional gift with all the ingredients for a fantastic picnic or outing. The printed cooler bags can be complemented with our beach articles - trendy giveaways at low prices. A nice little extra with the printed cooler bags. Promotional cooler bags for a successful promotional campaign? You can be assured of success with branded cooler bags from IGO-POST! 

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