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Personalised Frisbees

Want your message to be seen loud and clear? If the answer is yes, then it’s simple...Frisbees! These fun and playful gifts are perfect for all target markets and the large print area means that your brand will NOT go unnoticed.  The ideal gift for your summer promotion.
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  • PopUp frisbee

    PopUp frisbee

    • From: 100 pieces
    • Save up to 42%
    • Material: nylon
    From£0.24 per unit
  • Ufo frisbee

    Ufo frisbee

    • From: 250 pieces
    • Save up to 39%
    • Material: plastic
    From£0.42 per unit
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Printing on Frisbees; a positive vibe

What do you associate with the word ‘Frisbee’? Perhaps throwing a discus or another type of disc? Yet most likely, you will think of freedom, leisure, the beach, playing and physical activities. Have you considered having Frisbees printed for your promotional drive? A printed Frisbee mainly brings positive associations to mind. And that is a must for a successful advertising or promotional campaign.

A Frisbee with a logo is an absolute eye-catcher

A handsome print makes the Frisbee a distinct and playful advertising item that can be used at any relaxed moment. Your message will get across, certainly as a printed Frisbee is something that people play with in a leisurely way and for a significant length of time. Having Frisbees printed will give a flying start to your advertising campaign.

Frisbees are available in various prints

A printed Frisbee will be held on to for a long time. Just like beach accessories, a printed Frisbee can be used several times a year, but it can also be picked up daily. Our assortment also offers a plastic Frisbee for printing. This is a long-lasting Frisbee that will make effective use of your logo. The foldable Frisbee with print is an original giveaway alternative. This is an eye-catcher that stands out – good for hours of fun.

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