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Personalised Pencils

Increase your brand awareness, among various target groups, with printed pencils. Besides our stylish pencils with a logo and practical carpenter’s pencils our collection also includes fun and quirky pencils – great for kids and promotions!
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Promotional pencils with logo and name. Smart promotions!

Personalised pencils UK may not immediately come to mind when thinking about promotions. Nonetheless, cheap pencils are a very effective way of promoting something. Just as everybody uses ball point pens, pencils are also frequently used. Promotional pencils are cheap so that they can be handed out on a large scale. Have your personalised pencils UK printed and you’ll know for sure that thanks to the long lifespan, these cheap pencils will carry your name over a long period of time.

Different types of promotional pencils at IGO-POST

We can personalise different types of promotional pencils. Natural wood or varnished wood promotional pencils, promotional propelling pencils and cases or coloured personalised pencils UK can all be supplied. The wooden pencils have a rubber at one end and are sharpened to a point before delivery.

From cheap promotional pencils, through to deluxe personalised pencils UK

Have cheap pencils printed so that you can use them for large scale promotional campaigns. You can also have any of the large range of promotional mechanical pencils printed too. Our collection includes many cheaper promotional propelling pencils as well as promotional mechanical pencils. Just as there is an enormous selection of pens including Prodir pens and Parker pens, as well as cheap promotional pens, there is also excellent range of cheap pencils.

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