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Personalised Tools

Choose the right tool for every occasion. Branded tools guarantee a strong promotion and a one-time investment with a high ROI. Give sustainable gifts and let your brand remain in the view of the receiver for years. Promote with inexpensive hobby knives, complete multi tools or high quality measuring tapes.
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  • SmartTool multitool

    SmartTool multitool

    From£0.66 per unit
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  • SmartKey multitool

    SmartKey multitool

    From£0.48 per unit
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  • Jumbo hobby knife

    Jumbo hobby knife

    From£0.17 per unit
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  • Universal 5 metre

    Universal 5 metre

    From£2.11 per unit
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  • Carpenter wooden pencil

    Carpenter wooden pencil

    From£0.07 per unit
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  • Crusader survival set

    Crusader survival set

    From£7.11 per unit
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  • ToolKit toolset25% Discount

    ToolKit toolset

    From£4.93 £3.70 per unit
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  • Rotary 3 metre Tape Measure

    Rotary 3 metre Tape Measure

    From£1.41 per unit
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  • Rotary 5 metre Tape Measure

    Rotary 5 metre Tape Measure

    From£2.05 per unit
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  • Victorinox Swisscard Classic

    Victorinox Swisscard Classic

    From£14.35 per unit
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  • Universal 3 metre

    Universal 3 metre

    From£1.61 per unit
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  • Measure-It tape measure

    Measure-It tape measure

    From£0.32 per unit
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Tools with logo for an overwhelming promotion

When choosing a corporate gift, you might not think of giving tools with logo. Tools are often associated with companies in the construction sector. Furthermore, tools are often associated with men. Nevertheless, men and women greatly appreciate tools with logo as corporate gifts, guaranteeing that you’ll be on your target group’s mind for many years.

Tools with logo in all price ranges

We have a very wide selection of tools. You can imprint your logo on inexpensive hobby knives and use them as giveaways at fairs; a nice giveaway for men and women. A printed Victorinox Swisscard or a complete multi-tool with logo is a beautiful corporate gift when you want to express your appreciation to customers and thank them for their loyalty.

Tools with logo for years of promotion

When you give customers imprinted tools, you give them a durable corporate gift that they will use for many years. With one investment your company name and logo will be seen for many years, time after time. A good investment with a high ROI. Many of our tools with logo, such as tape measures, folding rulers and carpenter’s pencils, are also suitable for professional use.

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