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Personalised Wine Accessories

Choose classic wine accessories, such as engraved bottle openers or wine coolers, as gifts for your customers.  These stylish gifts will be appreciated by your customers and our product range covers a wide target audience, with products for various occasions and for every budget.
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  • StyloVino waiters friendBest Seller

    StyloVino waiters friend

    From£1.51 per unit
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  • PinotNoir wine gift set

    PinotNoir wine gift set

    From£6.25 per unit
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  • CoolSteel wine coolerBest Price

    CoolSteel wine cooler

    From£8.37 per unit
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  • Château wine gift set

    Château wine gift set

    From£8.39 per unit
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  • Château Bamboo wine giftset

    Château Bamboo wine giftset

    From£11.71 per unit
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  • Vindeux wine gift set

    Vindeux wine gift set

    From£1.95 per unit
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  • WineTaste gift set

    WineTaste gift set

    From£1.71 per unit
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  • Celebrate Bottle cap

    Celebrate Bottle cap

    From£1.15 per unit
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  • Bordeaux waiters friendBest Price

    Bordeaux waiters friend

    From£0.80 per unit
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  • Butler waiters friend

    Butler waiters friend

    From£0.79 per unit
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  • Grandeur wine gift set

    Grandeur wine gift set

    From£15.27 per unit
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  • Crowdio insulated collapsible foam can holder

    Crowdio insulated collapsible foam can holder

    From£0.40 per unit
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Engraved wine coolers as a corporate gift with a personal touch

You want to give your business contacts and customers a special gift and you want to do this with a long lasting, high quality corporate gift. You want to keep it professional but nevertheless you want the corporate gift to have a personal touch. A printed or engraved wine cooler filled with wine is exactly what you are looking for. Do you have something to celebrate with your customer? Order a wine cooler printed with your logo or a wine cooler engraved with your brand and fill it with a bottle of good champagne. We will have your wine cooler printed professionally or have the wine cooler engraved with the utmost precision.

Engraved wine coolers for a durable promotion

Giving away printed wine coolers or engraved wine coolers as a corporate gift or as a promotional item is a smart move. After all, wine coolers are useful items that regularly come in handy at joyful occasions. Whether during an intimate dinner, a full-house party or a barbecue, wine coolers are always a useful accessory. In addition to the regular use of a wine cooler, it is good to know that your corporate gifts will be used on special occasions for years to come. Have aluminium wine coolers printed or stainless steel wine coolers engraved with your name and/or logo to guarantee years of promotion.

A lasting impression with engraved stainless steel products, such as engraved wine coolers

In addition to the possibility of engraved wine coolers, we also offer charming alternatives. What do you think of the competitively priced PVC wine bags/wine coolers? We can also have these wine coolers printed with your logo. This way you give a less formal gift that is a perfect alternative to a stainless steel wine cooler. You can find more wine related accessories within our Home & Living category. Do you prefer to engrave instead of print? We also have a wide range of stainless steel thermos flasks and thermos cups within our collection.

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