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Personalised Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are essential in any office. Do you want to leave a call-back request or pass a message to a colleague? Do you want to make a note on important papers? Then sticky notes are the ideal solution. Have them printed with your logo and let your brand be seen.
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Want a guarantee for an effective promotion? Have your sticky notes printed here!

Sticky notes are adhesive memo cards, which can be stuck to almost any surface. They can be removed just as easily without leaving any trace of glue. Printed sticky notes are ideal for quick notes, as reminders or as effective help during meetings and brainstorm sessions. Just a quick scribble on a printed sticky note and start sticking! Sticky notes are popular memo pads and with a print of your brand, logo or company name, a sticky note becomes an effective promotional item.

Various types of printable sticky notes with a unique message

There are various types of printable sticky notes. For instance, the small sticky notes can be used as index tabs in books or readers and the big sticky notes are useful for writing notes. The original, printable sticky notes of the brand POST-IT® are extremely popular. These printable sticky notes are available in various shapes, sizes and colours. Do you want POST-IT® printed sticky notes in your own unique design? Everything is possible. Please contact our sales assistants.

Printing on sticky notes at IGO-POST

Do you want to promote in an inexpensive yet effective way at fairs and open days? Have sticky notes printed at IGO-POST to guarantee success. We print on sticky notes professionally and fast. Your company logo, message or brand is printed on each page; your name will be seen by your customers time and again. In addition, printing on sticky notes or notepads is affordable. Give your customers sticky notes with a print of your logo and company details to take home; your customer will be continuously reminded of you.

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