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Personalised Home items

Not only do you create brand recognition in the office, but your brand can also generate attention within the home. Choose bamboo serving boards, promotional aprons, kitchen accessories and mugs printed with full colour images...these are just a few examples from our wide range of home accessories.
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  • RetroPullLight lamp

    RetroPullLight lamp

    From£1.79 per unit
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  • PaperTowels - Tissue

    PaperTowels - Tissue

    From£0.35 per unit
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  • Longdrink glass

    Longdrink glass

    From£0.51 per unit
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  • Beer Tankard Large 400 ml

    Beer Tankard Large 400 ml

    From£1.27 per unit
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  • Beer Glass Vase

    Beer Glass Vase

    From£0.62 per unit
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  • Plate ø 24 cm crockery

    Plate ø 24 cm crockery

    From£1.68 per unit
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  • MatchMaker 38-piece matches

    MatchMaker 38-piece matches

    From£0.13 per unit
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  • Beer Glass Goblet

    Beer Glass Goblet

    From£1.43 per unit
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  • Beer Glass Flute

    Beer Glass Flute

    From£0.52 per unit
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  • MatchPoint 17-piece matches

    MatchPoint 17-piece matches

    From£0.08 per unit
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  • MatchBox 10-piece matches

    MatchBox 10-piece matches

    From£0.07 per unit
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  • Wine Glass

    Wine Glass

    From£2.03 per unit
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Choose personal corporate gifts with print

Positioning you company, brand and product is extremely important. It is a known fact that printed corporate gifts and promotional items with print are a powerful marketing tool for highlighting your company, brand or product. Via corporate gifts and promotional items you can successfully focus the attention on your name and brand. You choose a business-like approach with corporate gifts such as office products or wine accessories, but you can also opt for a more personal corporate gift.

Personal corporate gifts printed with your logo

By your ‘presence’ at positive moments, you leave a distinct calling card behind for your contacts, both in the business and private spheres. How can you be part of your customer’s quality time? By giving a printed personal gift that fits in perfectly in a household environment. It can be a luxury gift, such as an elegant amuse set, but it can also be a practical fire blanket with print.

Surprise with personal corporate gifts

Presents are inextricably bound to the concept of giving. Giving a gift symbolises appreciation, to grant the person something, a thank you. If the receiver reacts positively to the gift, the giving experience becomes even nicer than receiving. During the year there are countless opportunities to surprise friends as well as business contacts and customers. Together with IGO-POST feel ’The Experience of Giving!’

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