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Personalised Living items

Create the right ambiance, at the home or within the office of your relations and potential customers, with our home and living accessories. Think of fragrant candles or stylish clocks with your company logo. These are tasteful and practical gifts that will appreciated and treasured for years.
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Decorative corporate gifts and functional corporate gifts with logo

Printed corporate gifts and promotional items with logo are powerful marketing tools to draw attention to your company, brand or product. Some items are perfect as business gifts that fit well into a business environment; other items are more personal and suitable for the customer’s home. There are corporate gifts that can have an eye-catching place in both a business and a personal environment as well.

Printed decorative corporate gifts as practical home accessories

Home accessories play an important role in the design and atmosphere of a living area. Home accessories create atmosphere and do not necessarily need to be practical. Choosing decorative items is mostly a matter of taste. That’s why you should choose a practical and decorative corporate gift that will pleasantly reflect your presence in your customer’s home.

Printed decorative corporate gifts

There are items and accessories for the home that are decorative as well as practical. These items can be used as corporate gifts for your customers. These items are easy to incorporate into your home, such as a weather station, a nice lamp or a wall clock. You can also win a place in customers’ homes with small objects that create atmosphere, such as imprinted scented candles.

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