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Corporate gifts by known brands are happily received

Brand name products are still very effective corporate gifts. A good brand is known worldwide and associated with quality, durability and originality. By giving a brand name product as a corporate gift, your customer automatically associates these positive qualities with your company. The value of brand name products is usually higher than that of unknown brands. As a result, the receiver feels special. After all, you are giving a gift of higher value.

Tremendous selection of brand name corporate gifts

High-quality brand name products can be found everywhere in the IGO collection. The brand name pens of Parker and Waterman are very popular. However, you will also find brand name product in the Clothing & Caps category. Thanks to our varied collection, brand name products are within everyone’s reach. For a small price you too can order corporate gifts and promotional items of well-known brands. Think of the King peppermints or of the Post-it® memo pads. Check out our brands page and let yourself be surprised by the many brand name products that IGO offers.

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