Imprinted clothing for children

Are you wanting your children to really stand out during school trips and sporting activities? Let the little ones promote for you! Children look prominent and smart when they have the same uniform. We have a great collection of children’s clothing in various colours options.
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  • ClubSpecial key ring

    ClubSpecial key ring

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  • Multi Box lunchboxNew

    Multi Box lunchbox

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    Kids Backpack backpack

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You find The Experience of Giving in a child’s smile

May we share with you The Experience of Giving? Give a child a gift and you will be rewarded with a smile and enthusiasm that you will definitely enjoy. Children’s gifts and promotion go together perfectly. Especially in hospitals, primary schools, child day care centres, summer camps and children’s associations, children are the centre of attention. You can perfectly combine giving away printed children’s gifts with the promotion of your education or health care institution or sports association.

Recognition of logos by children

Children perceive a print of your company’s name or brand on a gift from a very young age. That is why companies take advantage of this with various items that are suitable for and used by children. Children subconsciously take in the logo of the items that they use or keep and continue to recognise this logo. Furthermore, the print is seen not only by the children, but also by their parents.

Nice printed gifts for children

In addition to an extensive collection of printable children’s items, IGO-POST also offers children’s clothes. For sponsors it is beneficial to have their name or logo printed on T-shirts or raincoats. Printed children’s clothes can also be used on sports days, summer camps or during the evening four-day marathon. In our collection, you will find printable children’s clothes and many inexpensive children’s gifts for children of various ages.

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