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General Terms and Conditions

Below you see the most important things you should know from our General Terms and Conditions at a glance.

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Who we are

IGO Promo is part of Plato Group, an international wholesaler with decades of experience in the promotional products industry and with subsidiaries all over Europe. This is where you can find us in the UK: 

Plato Group International Limited
10-11 St James Court
Friar Gate
Derby, DE11BT

Registered in the England & Wales 6400537
VAT number  GB 923 2678 19
Tel: 0800 43 46 98 9
Email: info@igopromo.co.uk
Website: www.igopromo.co.uk

Easy ordering

With or without printing, it is really easy to order your promotional items from us by email, telephone or online. No matter how you choose to place an order, you can always rely on one thing: We will confirm every order in writing.

Can’t decide which products to order? Have a look at the product information on our website or in our catalogue to find out more about our assortment that we constantly renew with trendy and surprising products. Just keep in mind that the product information we provide is subject to change. If you have any question about our product information just give us a call and our Customer Service will be happy to help you out!

Sample requests

An easy way for you to choose the best promotional items for your business is by ordering a sample first. Just request the sample online and you will have it in-house within a few business days. If you are happy with the sample and want to complete the order, we’ll make sure that you receive your products as soon as possible!

With every sample you’ll receive an invoice, which we will deduct from your final invoice when the order has been placed. In case you end up not completing the order, we’ll simply ask you to pay the invoice for the sample. If you like we will look for a great product alternative that suits you better.  

Clear and consistent pricing

All product prices you see on our website and in our catalogues are exclusive of VAT and in the currency stated. Certain products will only be delivered based on a minimum order quantity, which you can see on the product detail pages online. We keep these minimum order quantities as low as possible.

Fast delivery

You need your delivery by a certain date? Just let us know about it when you order and where possible we do our best to meet that date. If the requested delivery date is not doable we will inform you, of course.

Tip: Sometimes you may be in a big hurry to order promotional items. Don’t worry, we still got you covered! The products in our “Fast order flow”-category will be your solution for extra fast deliveries.

Convenient payment

When buying promotional items from us you purchase on account, so you pay within 30 days after invoice date. It is as simple as that.

Personal service

Once you have placed an order our Customer Service becomes your point of contact, making sure production and delivery go according to your wishes. You prefer to order by telephone or email? Then you will be in touch with our team throughout the entire order process. After you have uploaded your logo on the website or sent it to us via email you will receive a digital Print Proof. You will then need to check and confirm this Print Proof. We only print the imprint that you have approved, so please check the Print Proof carefully. Later on, return of printed products is not possible, unless agreed by email or letter.

If you should not be happy with the end result we are not happy either! Please let us know by email or letter in case what you receive doesn’t match what was ordered. We will find a suitable solution together.

If you ever choose to cancel an order you have placed, please also contact our Customer Service by email or letter. In that case we may expect you to compensate us for the costs caused by the cancelation.

To read our full General Terms and Conditions please click here.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

0800 43 46 98 9
Opening hours: 8:00-17:00 (Fri 16:00)

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